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WRC Powerslide Gameplay Impressions (HD)


WRC Powerslide Gameplay Impressions (HD)


  1. Excellent comments. This was exactly the video I needed to see. Obviously this is an arcade game. But what type of arcade game. You answered those questions. I'm going to buy this on Steam. Thanks.

  2. WRC 2010 and WRC  2 was the greatest games of the series starting wit WRC 3 and 4 they want to add some more realism to cars and screw the games because that controls have nothing to do with realism and now they create a game for retards , this is incredible , I wish you a fast fall down with this type of games producers . Best regards

  3. +Amalekites No it doesn't Ignition was Way cooler than this. Older, but cooler.
    Well actually, this does have a similar race style to ignition, but uh, yea, it doesn't look the same =P

  4. I've been playing rally games since I was little and I was not amused when I first heard about this game a few months ago. I didn't really check the gameplay or so and forgot about the game, but I just stumbled upon it again on the PSN store. And it looks like I have to renew my opinion. This looks fun! 😀
    Good "review". Thanks.

  5. I assume you did not watch the whole video. You can turn off all that Mario Kart stuff and it is a much better experience. We show that in the video.

  6. i hate silly stuff in games like power ups,,i got this game the uver day and i have to say its the best multy racer game ive played ..ever..iv u have freinds who have it you wili not b able to come off it,,this game will be a massive hit

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