Home Videos Why you Should Buy A PS3 in 2015/2016

Why you Should Buy A PS3 in 2015/2016


Why you Should Buy A PS3 in 2015/2016

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  1. My uncle got a ps3 from some dude and he sold it to me for 60 and I find gta 5 in there…..well bye xbox 360 we had a good run.

  2. I am new to playing games and I think PS3 was a great buy I was able to buy a PS4 but Instead i got the PS3 and got extra games instead I don't know about dying every time I get online with the system there's always people playing and there's always usually one+ people talking with a mic I love playing gta there is so much things to In this game even tho people are jerks in this game and just kill and blow me up for no reason it gets so annoying and it's kinda hard for me to kill other players that's the only bad thing about gta IDK if it's better on PS4 but over here there is alot of mean people but anyways I was also told to get into shooting games and I bought this game called call of duty Modern Warfare 2 I was told it was a really old game and yet there is still people playing online so yeah for me it was really worth it

  3. And here comes the PC nerds screaming why buy a old console when you can get a PC with all this tec shit and instead of playing 1080p 30ps it's 60ps

    Oh Shit!!!!!! THATS A NEW DISCOVERY YOU GOT NERD! People know PC is more powerful they just don't care. It's easier to buy a console

    I'm just trolling PC nerds.

  4. I'm trying 2 get a PS3 bcoz Ace Combat Infinity is only downloadable online through that system exclusively, & I'm trying 2 choose between a slim, or super slim, or maybe a refurbished pre-used fat version if there's any of them left. Help me decide here.

  5. not trying to be a ass hold around it.just saying ps4 players and ps3 players.do not act the same on psn.

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