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Why cant I connect to XBox live?


I cant connect my 360 to xbox live and really dont know why. I have tried all of the suggestions theyve given me and ive also had my dad, who is a comp programmer, try to help me work on it also. Are there any common mistakes not mentioned on the xbox site that i may have overlooked. Im trying a wired connection. I even tried connecting directly to my modem, nothing. When i test the connection, it takes about 15-20 seconds to say it didnt work. So theres something there, it just seems too weak to connect. Any thoughts?

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  1. You might need DSL filters on your land line phones, fax machines, modem or anything else that connects to the well jack.

    -The filter connects directly to the wall jack.

  2. V

    Well then that is probably a MAC filter problem. Go to dslrouter on your browser. Then go to your settings and check the MAC ID filter, and then add the one on the WII and the 360. go to xbox.com and email me k7vin11 ok because yahoo is really stupid. so just send me an invite there.

  3. my gamertag is k7vin11 btw 🙂

    check your router. (http://dslrouter) if u have dsl, which u probably do, or if u have cable. see if you have MAC ID FILTERING enabled. if u do find the MAC ID of ur xbox. (look in google how to do it, i cant remember all the menus and crap) then anter that in as acceptable. wait, did u say ur modem? it doesnt support dial up. also, try another firewire.add in add’l details wat connection u have mate

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