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The two free PS3 games from Playstation Network?


So I picked the two games I wanted, clicked Get Now, or something like it. But they never downloaded, and I can’t figure out how to get to them. And PSN won’t let me pick them again.


  1. well i got a ps3 like some days ago, i think PSN is haveing some issues since i just got hacked a while ago. I don’t know about downloading games since i havnt done so yet, maybe give it time, or just contact Sony at 800-345-SONY, or use this link:[url is not allowed]

  2. had the same problem there too, mate! you might also be getting a error code there too, but keep trying.

    sign in to your account>account management>service list>scea promotion>and click on your free offer to select your game

    glad to see you not leaving ps3 for a gaybox. got busted by the cops when the psn was down. people told me to go outside and have sum fun so i did buy buying my first co2 bb pistol and the same day, “DROP DOWN THE WEAPON WITH YOUR HANDS UP”

    F*ING people made me go to court. so next time they say to go outside to take a break, they can f*k themself

  3. This seems to have happened to almost everybody including me. Sony should have made it a lot easier to download. Just go to account management, then transactions, then promotions and download welcome back free games. Then go back onto account management, transactions and then on downloads list and download your games and enjoy.

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