Home Videos Should You Buy An Xbox One S? It Depends On You…

Should You Buy An Xbox One S? It Depends On You…


Should You Buy An Xbox One S? It Depends On You...

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  1. so now the PS gonna blow in the unit instead of outside the unit and ima have to ship the whole shit back lol

  2. had a xbox one 500 gb the memory filled up so dam fast. Eb games did a trade in so i got xbox one s 1tb for 150 😛 . Love this thing.

  3. my lil sis always eanted a game console. she just got the 1 s just because she wanted something to play 2k on. the 1 s was good for her. i on the other hand have the the halo 5 xbox one regular and i will not be getting a xbox one. i will be getting scorpio unlike my little sister. if you are planning to get a scorpio and already have a regular xbox one dont get the xbox 1s unlesss you really want a 4k blu rray player. if you dont have an xbox one yet and dont plan to get scorpio right away then get the xbox one s my sis got it for $250 which she plans to keep for a while and it fits

  4. thanks for the honest review i was just considering a setup for my lounge and for regular gaming and i've decide the Xbox one S is perfect for what i need

  5. i want to play games like overwatch, super mario maker, and MAYBE minecraft on the xbox one s. i have a flat screen LG T.V. in my living room and idgaf about the graphics or frames, as long as it's good and i can play those games. should i get it for christmas?

  6. Why buy the XBS if everybody already has an XB1 or a PS4…and dont you dare fucking say "oh, it has a 4K", thats bullshit, the purpose of the so called "Gaming Console" are meant for gaming, and I know, I know the graphics will look better, but seriously, these past few years Microsoft has been creating consoles that are more for T.V. and less about gaming, so save up your money for something else pal

  7. I only plan on getting an Xbox One for Halo games and Rare Replay, so I'm not very picky with what type of Xbox I'll be getting. I'm getting the S simply because it's smaller and I'm running out of space in my room.

  8. I don't have an Xbox one. I do have a ps4. Would this be a good time to get an Xbox now that it's a little more "upgraded" and is the same price?

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