Home Xbox Forum Should I ask for an xbox 360 for christmas?

Should I ask for an xbox 360 for christmas?


I already have a ps3, but man I was looking at some halo reach gameplay and it looks sick. Also some other games I have been unable to get in the past that looked cool still interest me, like left 4 dead, gears of war, etc. I also am looking forward to killzone 3 for the ps3 though. what do you guys think I should do?

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  1. @Adam – $60 a month for live? You have been very mislead dude.

    As for the question. I think that you should ask for whatever you want, chances are you wont get another console for Christmas but you never know. Just make sure you have a backup gift you want in line after the 360 so you dont get disappointed.

  2. get the xbox deffo halo reach is sick i have got it and it is awsome u sud just sell ur ps3 and concentrate on the xbox as they are far more btter than the ps3 by miiiiiiiles!

  3. It’s your Christmas dude. If you want to ask for an Xbox, go ahead. But I myself would get something else if you already have a PS3. A few games aren’t worth a $300 video game console + 60 bucks a month for Live.

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