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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review by IGN


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 video review for Xbox 360 by Nate Ahearn, IGN Xbox team

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review by IGN

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  1. seriously dude are you trolling? I played all the Tom Clancy series FPS dating back to Rogue Spear in the 90's. The only game series that can even be compared to Vegas 2 is BATTLEFIELD 1 – 4. Not to mention THE DIVISION. I tried playing Black Ops but its SUPER ROOKIE caliber.. Why don't you step your game up and play Vegas 2. Which is 2 games in 1. You get the actual Vegas Missions plus a bonus 17 extra missions unrelated to Vegas 2. You'll be denying you even wrote that baloney to me.

  2. everyone is forgetting about socom:confrontation, probably the most tactical and stealthy TPS, most stealthy FPS would be aliens v. predator, Although not that much of a shooter.

  3. And this guy also forgot to mention that the maps are HD remakes of the orignals Maps from Rainbow Six 3: Raven shield, anyone that played that game would have noticed the same maps. 

  4. don't want to start and argument but anytime expletives like f*ck off are used. It's safe to say the person disagrees. why are they comparing it to cod is self explanatory, it's a first person shooter

  5. I think Gears of War did too. This guy probably read wrong from his script, or he's confused 2005 with 2006.

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