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PS4 Universal Media Remote Hands On & Setup


Here is a the new Playstation 4 Universal Media Remote. This is made by PDP, but it’s officially licensed by Sony. This remote is .99. In video I show whats in the box and how to setup. I hope you guys like the video.

Get this PS4 media remote here:

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PS4 Universal Media Remote Hands On & Setup

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  1. My remote is flashing, but when I go to connect it, it says "cannot find a profile supported by the PS4" please help

  2. Does anyone know if this will turn the PS4 off (with one button), or do you have to go through the PS4 menu to power?

  3. Worked for a day, then stuffed out. Repaired multiple times, still wouldn't work correctly. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT

  4. I didnt have this with my Bravia but i can turn on/off my ps4 with my remote controller from my Bravia TV

  5. did you get it to work its doing the same on my tv, it finds the code but then i cant turn it on or do anything ?

  6. All the devices are working, except now the ps4 stopped workin!! I changed the batteries, but still, not working, ugh!! I brought up the "devices" (at the "Setting" menu of my ps4) & i could still see the PDP Universe Media Remote there, & it does work for 1 second (when i open the batteries, & then, close the batteries) but then, stops working!! Any suggestions?

  7. I lost the box and paper for setup I was wondering if anybody could post the codes or link me to them I can't find them online

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