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Ps3 hd collections you want to see?


Ok so I love the ico and shadow of the colossus , sly trilogy and prince of persia collections but what are some collections you would like to see

Mine would be

1: kingdom hearts collection (includes I , II and bbs)

2: Persona Collection (persona 3 , 4 and persona 2)

3:rachet and clank collection (includes the first 3 r&c games)

So what are yours try to limit it to 5 at most 🙂

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  1. Love Sly as well. It was one of my favourites growing up. At most I’d like to see:

    The Jak and Daxter Collection (which they are making right now and it will be released in February. It was also a favourite of mine growing up.)

    The Onimusha Collection (the 4 of them.)

    That’s all for me. I’m simple.

    Hope that helps.

  2. A Medal Of Honor Collection with:

    Medal of Honor Frontline

    Medal Of Honor Vanguard

    Medal Of Honour European Assault

    Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault

  3. personally i’d like to see.sky odyssey or jet x H2O which is a pity as it only got released in the US.

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