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PS2 + games for 250~300 dollars a good deal?


I’m trying to sell Playstation 2 + about 45 games for 250~300 dollars. It’ll include 3 Controllers (one being guitar controller) and cords.

Is this a good deal that people would be interested in?

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  1. Its to ambitious. The console itself is only worth about £50 at most as its a used product, on one will pay lots for a used item as it has no guarantee or warranty

    i got a PS2, memory card and two controllers with 10 games for about £20, on ebay there are loads of deals like that, £100 is probably the most realistic amount you’ll get and that will be stretching it

  2. No way.

    A used PS2 is worth maybe $50 and games are worth $3-5 each – if that. Most titles probably aren’t even worth that much (like ancient versions of EA’s sports-title-of-the-year)

    No one’s going to want to buy a huge package like that in one shot anyways. You should sell the PS2 + regular controllers separately, sell the guitar + its games, and the rest of the games individually.

  3. Well, you have to take into consideration what games they are. But, assuming they are good games, I say it’s very reasonable, especially since it is including a guitar controller and two regular.

  4. too much

    a new ps2 is only $99 so used it’s worth $50 max. ( if it’s relatively new , an older ps2 is worth about $30 )

    used ps2 games unless the newest available and in mint condition are maybe worth $5 each. some are probably worth $1 only.

    at best you have $150 worth of items but good luck in getting more , you never know. it all comes down to what games you have and if the buyer wants those games.

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