Home Xbox Games *Prominence Poker Review* (Xbox One, PS4, Steam)

*Prominence Poker Review* (Xbox One, PS4, Steam)


*Prominence Poker Review* (Xbox One, PS4, Steam)

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  1. Great vid, made me laugh. Just a little rant, if that's okay? I just discovered the game on Xbox one, great!! Started downloading, knowing with my shitty internet connection it would take a while….Finally the 6.6gb download is complete, YES! Start the game, to be presented with…a 6.6gb FUCKING UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! What the frizzy fuck!!!!!!!!!!!! Utterly stupid, stupid retarded dickwad publishers. That's all….Cheerio :-)

  2. DONT BUY!!! server crashes all the time when you have chips in pot and you loose them! chips you buy with real money

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