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Playstation Store Releases?


Just wondering are there any plans to release ps2 games for download on the psn? would love to download gta vice city! and will they ever release twisted metal for ps1?

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  1. tekken 3, Mortal Kombat trilogy, need for speed 3 hot prisuit, my street, and tenchu wrath of heaven and tekken tag.

  2. id think that ps2 titles will come to psn at some stage seeing as theres a ps2 savestate folder on the ps3 slim which does not support backwards compatability suggesting that there will be ps2 titles avalable at some stage from psn i would love to have gta sa again so hoping that will happen

  3. Cant really answer that one but keep an eye on the ps3 blogs or try asking on the offical ps3 forum sites.

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