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Planet 51 The Game review


Planet 51 The Game review


  1. Now that is harsh and half of that isn't true like loads of loading screens (that don't exist) I have no problem with the game and I am still playing it to the day and you clearly haven't talked about the minigames that are the best part and the sidequests around the city which are also fun so really it's like you don't like the game yourself so you're trying to make it sound bad

  2. true this isnt the best game but i think it is better than some i also found out my own walk through walls cheat for it so that helps

  3. this game is boring and cloudy with a chanch of meet balls is boring to dont buy movie games the only movie game i like is ice age thr dawn of the dinosaurs im not saying go buy the game or anything im just telling my opinon.

  4. im glad i haven't played this game yet again you a have saved me from being traumatized by another bad game

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