Home Xbox Forum my xbox wont connect to my internet?!?

my xbox wont connect to my internet?!?


ok one night i was playing then took a break and got back turned on my xbox and it wouldnt connect to xbl!

i made sure my internet works and it does and i have confirmed that its not the ethernet cables fault too!

both time warner cable and microsoft have absolutly no idea what im talking about because thier training blows!

im hoping someone out there that has had this problem can give me some advice of what to do!

this happened to me before and that time i sold my box and got a new one! i dont want to have to do this again

also i trouble shooted with resetting my modem and router and entered my IP into the xbox and still cant connect!

thanks for helping out! 😀

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  1. The problem is most likely NOT Time Warner Cable’s or Microsoft’s training. If you want these types of issues solved, you’re best served by giving much more information such as what your settings are on the Xbox, what type of router or modem you have and whether anything else in the house can connect.

    With the limited information you gave, my first recommendation would be to bring up a command window on your computer and run, “ipconfig /all” without the quotation marks. This will show you what the default gateway, dhcp server, dns servers, and the ip address of the computer are. Make sure the ip address you put in the Xbox is similar but not the same as the computer’s. For example, if your computer has an IP address of then use something like, changing only the last number. Use the other addresses (gateway, dns) when you setup the network in your Xbox.

    Give that a try a let us know more.

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