Home Playstation Forum My xbox is broke aswell as my ps3?

My xbox is broke aswell as my ps3?


My xbox I have a disc I put it in it reads and I play it. After that I play for like 5 minutes and it says disc is dirty and cat read it and I wash it and dry it wash and dry and know I just don t know what to do. Os3 I put it on pal instead and I can t go on my PS3 now it was an accident when I tried to press white yellow red I presses rgb please help either one of these

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  1. 1/ your xbox probably has a dirty laser so just go buy a dvd laser lens cleaing disc and run it for 30 seconds and see if it helps , if it doesn’t then the laser is not just dirty , its broken and needs to be replaced

    2. you can’t put a ps3 in pal , pal is what european TVs use as a resolution – you must mean you set it to use hdmi and HD resolution or you set it to HD and component

    if you set it to use compoent cables or hdmi just reset your ps3 by pressing the power button and holding it down , your ps3 will turn on then after a few seconds beep twoce and turn off

    now you just conenct your tv and console with the correct cable and turn it on

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