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My MTU settings aren’t right for Xbox Live?


Last night I played Halo on Xbox Live. I jumped on today to check something, but XBL wouldn’t work. I ran the test and it said my “MTU” settings weren’t set right. Nothing was changed from last night. The modem and routers are all the same. I power cycled my modem, router, and 360 and tried again. Same thing. So, I went to my router page and changed my MTU settings (which were set at 1364). I changed them to 1365, 1400, and 1492 (the highest my MTU settings can be set), and tried to sign on to XBL each time. Still doesn’t work. I called XBL and am currently on hold, haha. Hoping someone can give me a solution so I’m not stuck on the phone all day! I’m completely at a loss for where to go from here and any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I had the same problem.I unplugged the ethernet cable running to my 360 from the router to make sure it wasn’t messed up, everything was fine and plugged it back in and it worked!

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