Home Xbox Forum my friend is on holidays and left his xbox 360 slim on?

my friend is on holidays and left his xbox 360 slim on?


its been 5 days now and i want to know is it safe/will it overheat and should i try to make contact with him

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  1. There’s no problem leaving electronics on, even 360s. It does not increase the likely of red ring of death.

    It’s certainly not ideal and it would be better and less wasteful if it were turned off.

    I’m curious why this is such a weighty decisions. My friends welcome calls from me. Does your friend discourage you from calling him? Just call him and let him know what’s up.

  2. Do you really need to come to the internet for an answer to this question?

    Just call him, tell him what is going on, then if he says turn it off you do so.

    Quite simple really.

  3. Nothing on the Xbox live service takes 5 days to download. He obviously left it on by mistake however it would be a good idea contacting him to make sure. Otherwise, turn it off – it is a waste of energy and could easily end up braking the Xbox, then who would he blame?. Good luck.

  4. You may want to turn it off. It could over heat. Once it over heats, it doesn’t last as long any more. Only a couple hours of gaming before it turns itself off. If it overheats too many times you may get the red ring of death.

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