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MXGP 2 – Review! (Xbox One) Gameplay


MXGP 2 - Review! (Xbox One) Gameplay


  1. Hi Mad Scouse would you like to gameshare Mxgp 2 for maybe some games i have? if not, i fully understand.

  2. Favourite Motocross bike is a Yz250F
    My current roadlegal bike is a Yamaha Wr125x Supermoto- thanks to the crappy Uk laws -.- I would of had a crf250x! mx vs Atv alive was the best game every!

  3. I live in America so I've ordered a copy from the UK. You can change your resolution on the XB1 to 720p through the console settings. If the game runs at 900p or 1080p dropping your console to 720p might get rid of the FPS issues you are having. Trust me the game looks brilliant on 720p I know cause I played it on a friends PC. Cheers for the video.

  4. This is awesome u ride I am saving up for a crf250r I had a four wheeler a Yamaha raptor 250 this is cool

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