Home Xbox Forum If a disc is needed for Xbox 360 game download.?

If a disc is needed for Xbox 360 game download.?


I’m talking about downloading my whole game onto muh hard drive.

Couldn’t you, say, stick any old game disc in there and have it run? Has anybody tried this? Or do you actually need the right game disc. Cuz I wanna mooch off my friend for Fable 2 lol.

Gracias for your help.
I know about morals and stuff lol. I had bought most of the online episodes from live. I was just wondering if I could get the full thing.

BTW. microsoft is stealing from us. imho. lol.

BTWBTW. I know what its used for. like to reduce noise/loading etc. Thanks though.

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  1. When you install the game on to your Xbox 360, it only installs the key components of the game and *not* the whole game.

    Installing the game in this way will make it perform faster and more effective.

    You still need the disk to play so it can run the whole game, and not just the components of the game that it installed.

  2. You need to have an actually copy of the game in the disk drive in order to play that specific game from the hard drive. If you could do what you asking, you could still steal from Microsoft. The reason behind needing the game’s disk is so that the system can read the copyright info for that game to make sure that you aren’t trying to steal it.

    Before you ask “What’s the point of downloading it if you still need the disk?” I’ll tell you. The downloading reduces the wear and tear on the system and disks because it doesn’t have to spin the disk constantly to read it any more. This also cuts down on the heat produced by the machine possibly saving you from getting RRoD or E74. Also you can still continue to play the game even if the disk gets damaged in some way (a scratch or something similar) as long as the copyright data can still be read.

  3. Once you copy the game to a hard drive you are still able to copy the game to another hard drive. But you still need the disk to play. Try buying the game from games on demand. Then if you hook the xbox’s together then you might be able to copy the game to your hard drive and because it’s a full game you won’t need a disk to play and yes it is possible to hook up to xbox’s together.

  4. Lol dude, I have tried the same thing. I downloaded a game thinking I didn’t have to use the disk again. Darn Microsoft, yep you need the right disk.

    Actually, installing it only helps it from using the drive too often. I have a screwed up drive and it makes this louder-than-normal scratching noise meaning its about to go out so now i have to install like every game. Yeah hackrosoft steals a lot lol.

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