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How to kick someone out of a Xbox live party when your not the host?


I wanted to know if there was a way to kick a vary rude host out of there own party. Is it true that you can hack there party threw internet network without getting a virus on your computer? This would really help please and thank you 🙂 for best answer

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  1. Just leave the party. Hacking in general is illegal, and if you want to hack someone but you’re asking this question then chances are you couldn’t hack your way into an old Windows computer or even a WEP encrypted Wi-Fi network. Any programs you download for that WILL be viruses and you’d also get a ban sent your way for tampering with Xbox LIVE services, and If you’re talking about a DoS or DDoS attack then GTFO with that crap. It’s illegal as well and depending on where you live can get you some fun time in a prison. Doesn’t that sound just fantastic?

  2. Not that i know of and things like those are what the xbox admins look for above anything else besides illegally downloading things from the markets. And on another note if you kick the host the party will most likely crash.

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