Home Xbox Forum how much should i sell my xbox 360 for?

how much should i sell my xbox 360 for?


im going to sell my xbox 360 on ebay but i dont know how much i should sell it for

it comes with 5 disc games and 4 downloaded games, 5 cartoon episodes, 2 wireless controllers, controller chargers, a 20 GB hard drive and 2 headsets

these games include

modern warfare 2

halo 3

halo ODST

forza motor sport 2

royal casino

battlefield 1943



NBA 2k10 draft combine

and the cartoons include

1 episodes of the The Rugrats

2 episodes of Hey Arnold

2 episodes of Rookos Modern Life

please i need your help

i dont want to settle for anything less than 350

because you can buy one at walmart for 300 with no games and no wireless controllers

and the xbox is in PERFECT conditon

never really used it

thank you.

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