Home Xbox Forum How do you play an xbox 360 on a hd laptop?

How do you play an xbox 360 on a hd laptop?


I have a laptop that has an HDMI plug in but I dont know if it will work with my xbox.

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  1. If your laptop has a HDMI IN (it MUST be an input) then you can use it to display on your screen using software that should have been included with the laptop. (TV Tuner software)

    I am more apt to think that it is a HDMI output plug used to hook it up to an HD screen. If this is the case (as it in 99% of cases is.) then you cannot use it to display your game.

    You can however, get a TV Tuner card and use it (and the software provided) to display your game on your laptop.

  2. You can’t as it is now. The HDMI port on your laptop is an output. You MIGHT be able to get some sort of capture card for your PCMCIA slot but I’m not sure if they have ones that support HDMI.

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