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Hitman 2016 Season 1 Review [PS4] – Is It Worth The Price?


In this video I’ll be sharing my Hitman 2016 Season 1 PS4 Review.

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Hitman 2016 Season 1 PS4 Review – Is It Worth The Price?


Hitman 2016 Season 1 Review [PS4] - Is It Worth The Price?


  1. Fantastic review, the game is half price this weekend and I'm really considering buying it. But they also have Watch Dogs 2 for around the same price and I'm not sure what I really want to play right now.

  2. Hey man, great in-depth review! You honestly covered everything about the game's core but I would've loved to hear what you thought about the forced online.

  3. Cool review bro, I might have to pick this up. I am glad they are going back to the blood money model

  4. Your review made me take the plunge and buy it on sale on Steam! Thanks for the review and your music is dope. You deserve more views.

  5. I've actually had a Season 1 pass for a while now, which I haven't started yet. After watching your review, I've decided to start playing.
    I've always liked your videos. Good job, buddy.

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