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Halo: Spartan Assault – Review (Xbox One)


Halo: Spartan Assault - Review (Xbox One)

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  1. Wow this is wtf happens to a game that's a) actually a game with actual gameplay that's actually fun ffs and b). Isn't paid for this review by ads cuz they really didn't advertise for these games so they just kinda came out idfk wtf he's talkin about what micro transactions!? Those are only on the console version I think. But the mobile version is cheaper for less than this on console u get 2 for $8 but the last thing and when I cringed as I'd realized oh shit duck me it's a GSpot review should be changed to bad spot for these guys cuz WTF MUST U SPOIL EVERY MOTHER FUCKING STORY IN EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING U REVIEW!? Ffs u don't watch reviews before u buy and play shit but after right yeah No! U fkn jagoffs! U watch them before u buy so STOP FUCKIN SPOILERS IN UR FUCKED REVIEWS THAT ARE BOUGHT AND IF THEY ARENT WELL HERES WTF U GET JUST ASSUME ITLL GET THE BELOW AVERAGE TO A 6 there never need watch another review of anything indie on this again! And to spoil the rest of reviews especially for these guys shitstop wrose than ign ffs in the spoiler dept! So here's what Ima do spoil every one of ur reviews. Ok if a game u wanna know the score on don't watch it just think of the ads u saw was said game ever advertised on this ch? If yes then the review spans anywhere from 7-8 or the occasional 9 never 10's anymore. And if they never had an ad for a game then it never gets higher than 6 same with ign

  2. The game itself is a tactical simulator for said Covenant assignments, get over it you snob hypocrite asswipes.

  3. Mobile version really has the exact graphics as Xbox 360 Damn… Now that's some outdone improvement from Microsoft..

  4. People can talk as much shit about this game all they want but the soundtrack for this game was spectacular it was the best soundtrack was the beast.

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