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Godzilla The Game – Godzilla 2014 Vs. All Monsters [1440p HD]


Godzilla The Game - Godzilla 2014 Vs. All Monsters [1440p HD]

Godzilla The Game (PS3) - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 - Godzilla 2014 & Destruction

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  1. What are the controls of this game like? I got Godzilla Unleashed for the Wii and the controls suck. I'm honestly hoping that this game plays better. Though, seeing as how the opponents' health bars are solid lines instead of three segments, that's obviously something that got improved…

    Seriously, I have NO idea how you're supposed to get past the first segment. I deplete it, and then it just stops going down.

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  3. I wish they would make anguirus modeled from his 1955 appearance in godzilla raids again

  4. I want a game thats all SHOWA godzilla and can play as each showa godzilla suit. Does something like this exist already?

  5. How the hell do you beat Mothra? I just brought the game, Fought Mothra and LOST!!! The game's hard…I heard that it was bad but I didn't think it'd be this bad…

  6. There is multiple Godzillas the first one was the one who birthed the next Godzilla eggs later that Godzilla dies the first and bigger and stronger Godzilla was born she/he I don't know Godzilla's gender but he died to hydrogen bomb the next Godzilla was born and found an egg which Godzilla protects the young Godzilla but the baby died to deystoyah due to being impaled trough the head and the older Godzilla was pissed even though little Godzilla was killed Godzilla the big one wrecked destroyah but destroyah was taking a beating Godzilla self destructed himself with the power that caused him to overheat was from space Godzilla before destroyah appeared he overheated and took deystroyah with it then the Godzilla you see now would be the most strongest Godzilla ever to get that huge or powerful 

  7. Mothra Larva is so tiny lol! I would love to become a pro with him and take down a huge monster like Godzilla 2014 and King Ghidorah

  8. is this game any better then the last three games? I’m stoked that theres another Godzilla game. but I don’t see anything that new to the gameplay.

  9. Uh… If this game were a movie, then I'd be spot-on when I say: Godzilla 2014 is WAY to much for the Mothra larva. Seriously- Godzilla 2014 could win simply by STEPPING on him for crying out loud!

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