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Futuridium EP Deluxe PS4. Gameplay (HD)


First levels game-play video.

Futuridium EP Deluxe PS4/PSVita was released on PS Store on September 30, 2014.

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Futuridium EP Deluxe PS4. Gameplay (HD)

Futuridium EP Deluxe - PS4/PSVita Gameplay Trailer


  1. this isnt like starfox i bet starfox 64 is more fun than this heck there isnt even a story

  2. Don't need another crappy looking game on the Vita. Yes graphics don't matter, ENTIRELY, but this game is begging to be on the 3DS because with that 3D this game would actually become compelling.

    Also when you're not depending on graphics you sure as heck should depend on music and sound effects to polish the game which this game sucks majorly at.

    In gaming graphics and style matter. Otherwise we'd just read books for entertainment. Gaming is about having a cohesive and compelling experience.

  3. Played it on pc. Its pretty fun, but i hate the time limit. You start back at level 1 if you dont complete each level on time.

  4. While i'd like some proper Vita AAA game (infamous? God of war? yes please!) it looks fun enough.
    P.S: with the extremely high attach rate vita users have, wouldn't it be wiser to invest on Vita AAA over Ps4 (at this moment)?

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