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Firefall Gameplay – First Look HD


Firefall Gameplay - First Look HD

Firefall - Review


  1. Huh, you can play in third person. I might give this game a look. SO damned tired of looking for a new MMO and finding all the good looking ones are first person only O.o

  2. I notice the description says fps, but in the video you did switch to fps at times. does that mean we can fight in third person perspective. I'm asking because I'm trying to find an alternative to games like anarchy online (dead) and global agenda (dead).

  3. who else thought of quake rite when they saw the character creation…..and in the game when ur shooting n shit it reminds me of borderlands

  4. IT'S NOT FIRST PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                        WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. I LOVED firefall when it was in beta. firefall used to be a free roam mmo shooter with tons of exciting battles and random events, it was awesome… you know what they did when the game launched? they altered in leveled areas and LOCKED you into a small area at a time. if you went to a higher level place you died fast and it took ten minutes to kill a single enemy. and if you went to another area that happened to be lower level you are literally wasting your time killing weak as shit enemies and not gaining any xp… so to recap: they took a grand open world where everything was fun everywhere at every level and turned it into a steaming pile of shit grind fest…. so does anyone agree with me or are you all happy about it?

  6. 1 year later…..They made games more fun, characters more interesting and less repetitive actions. I think the score should be updated to a 7.5

  7. this game could've been so much more. but it's like red 5 just got tired of the concept and are now just barely supporting content to get a little more grind out of it.

  8. Yeah PvP now is still pretty dead and whenever I play Firefall it feels like 2 hours have gone by but is has really been only about 1.

  9. So Far Cry Primal forced a 30 second unskippable ad in my face. Now I know what game I'm NOT going to ever buy.

  10. this felt like it missed over a lot of stuff, the tornados are fun, and although a bit repetitive, how many shooters are basically go here shoot everything? (all of them). The bike is not the only way to travel there are the drop ships that's like a bus service and at any point along the route you can bail out and use a glider, and these gliders can be activated from around the map as well along with an item that lets you drop pads that shoot you into the air and let you fly around and share them with others. The thumpers that let you just start your own stand and defend minigame anywhere that anyone can join in with. The crafting in the game is one of the better ones, The reason this game feels strange is it is more hands on MMO to other games, say wow or guild wars where you run at the guy press 1 to start attacking and then you press 2 to pull off a move etc, this is an actual shooter with 1st and 3rd view (done really well I might add, some games don't do well at both) the weapons are standard affair but varied enough, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, mini gun, lazers… the issue is lack of players and lack of plays makes it worse which means less people play. I think the big fall down was Marketing, the free to play is the good idea, but they havnt told people about it enough, they did in the start before properly release but people have forgotten in since release.

  11. Did they also make the mission design new? Because last time i played it it was literally go from A to B kill 5 waves of enemys and go back.

  12. Obvious take-down piece is obvious. To have outright lies in a review is absurd! Anyone want to make a list? Not only did Firefall give people a free game that succeeds at a lot of the things Destiny promised and didn't deliver on, but now we also get a review piece that shows how blatently IGN will serve the markets rather than the people.
    I could entertain the notion that SOME of the things mentioned here were true back when this video was made (because patches and content updates), yet the overall script here and choice of visuals are a blatent manipulation of truth >:-

  13. Looking at the likes/dislikes i think he got it wrong and shouldn't do reviews…A 3 min long IGN review?..Seems like a butthurt dev didn't like a game so he decided to flame it for 3 mins calling it a review….And he was allowed to do so which is even more bazaar….

    IGN needs to remove this review altogether and let someone else try it again. He sounded like a 16yo who's butt-hurt you cant fast travel lol…Which makes him a noob at games if he thinks that is needed.

  14. IGN is full of hippsters who are more interested in tattoos and over priced clothes rather than bothering on playing and reviewing games

  15. If you've even the slightest of interest in this game then don't listen to this dated and rushed review. Go and experience the game for yourself.

  16. If you've even the slightest interest in trying firefall then don't listen to this dated review. Play the game experience it and make the decision for yourself. Everything in the game is attainable without paying any money so don't worry.

  17. bad review full of lies and hate… firefall is a great game, one of best mmos sandbox ever created. They combined a sandbox with a shooter to make it dynamic and they added to this some rpg elements. The result is great, a game with story, progress and fast combat… this is Firefall, a really fun game, not how is presented in this fake review.
    Firefall have deep, good lore, excellent crafting and resource gathering, it's addictive and have a large enough world with a lot of things to do. The community is mature, helpful and friendly. Absolutely no P2W, the cash shop is full of cosmetics, some minor boosters and some vehicles (cosmetic too).
    And for the "reviewer"… the game it's a sandbox game, so it must be "repetitive". And it isn't a game for idiots looking for pvp. This "review" is obviously an attempt to blackmail the company who own the Firefall.

  18. I've been playing and enjoying Firefall longer than this review has been online, since 2012 when it went to a 24/7 closed beta. It's free. Download it. Play it. Make up your own mind. For the best experience, make sure you mention in chat that you're new. You'll find the community helpful and friendly, the gameplay challenging enough to always be fun and there's enough carrot and stick progression across the 16 battleframes to keep you chasing better and better gear for a long, long time. I didn't mention the five years of already written story arc, but there's that too.

    I go from new thing to new thing. Firefall, ARMA II & III are the only games I'm still playing long after they were a new buzz. I like co-op shooters a whole lot more than this review does. My advice as someone who plays and enjoys Firefall? Check it out for yourself and ignore the bad press.

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