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Dragon’s Dogma – Video Review


Dragon's Dogma - Video Review

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  1. Not a bad game at first glance. But the combat is "arcady" for me here. Climbing on big creatures is well done though…

  2. I'm really struggling with this game but I think its because I'm new to rpgs and games like these require patience. Ive read online that It's better to stick with the main story missions before doing side quests and that's is where my problem may be.

  3. I just beat Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. I did not like it at first but after I beat it I think this game is up there with dark souls or other like RPG's. After you get past it's initial chunkiness it is a great game. Dark Arisen is a must play for any RPG fan in my opinion. 4 1/2 out of 5.

  4. I know I'm about 4 years late, but this was a fair review, and a 7.5 isn't a bad rating. It even says "good" under the ratings, you dip shits.

  5. The gameplay alone makes this one of the best games I've ever played; the story is not that bad if you like that sci-fi-ish ending, but yeah the characters are boring and useless.

  6. Get a PC, put sweet fx, then Enjoy.

    "everyone in dragon dogma look a bit weird" Do you fear being excluded?

    My characters look awesome.

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