Home Playstation Forum Does anybody know this ps2 fighting game?

Does anybody know this ps2 fighting game?


Hi, I have been trying to figure the name of a game that I saw a few years back. I played this game on a playstation demo disc but I probably threw it away a long time ago. In the demo, you start out in a restaurant fighting a group of asian gangsters and im pretty sure you could use chairs as weapons and jump off of walls. Eventually you made your way into the kitchen and you could use knives as weapons and even push peoples heads into the deep fryer or on the stove. I know that is a pretty vague description of the game but I am hoping somebody knows this game. I have searched all over the internet but haven’t gotten any results. So if anybody could help me ID this game that would be awesome. Thanks

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  1. This sounds like a crime game. so i will guess “true crime” “the punisher” “the godfather”

    Hope this helps

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