Home Playstation Forum Do I need a HDTV to display full content of a PS3?

Do I need a HDTV to display full content of a PS3?


I have a Standard TV & using Universal Component Audio/Video cables to connect from my PS3; the problem is that why can’t I see everything from the sides. Like when it says a sentence like this one <-- I can only see half of the first word " Like" half of the last word "one". Do I need an HDTV for it to display everything well? Oh and I also have it in 4:3 ratio. Do I switch it to 16:9 ratio? Thank you so much for the help, guys!!

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  1. Switching to 16:9 should fix that problem, but you’ll have black bars at the top/bottom of your screen. Getting an HDTV would be the better solution (you’ll see a great improvement in the graphics of the game), but I know that can be costly.

  2. you just need to switch the ratio to 16:9 to get the full picture but you really need a plasma tv with hdmi cables to get the best out of the ps3

  3. Try switching the ratio, but it’s more likely that your tv is set on some sort of zoom. Use the tv remote and play around with the settings and try the different zoom settings (You might need to check the manual to ding this setting)

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