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Classic Game Room – TALES OF VESPERIA review


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Classic Game Room reviews TALES OF VESPERIA for Xbox 360 from Namco Bandi released in 2008, a massive, high production value JRPG with likeable characters and loads of fighting!

Classic Game Room - TALES OF VESPERIA review


  1. In a perfect world, there is a PS3 Version of this game in the West. Sadly, this ain't that world. I crie

  2. His best friend is a DOG, not a talking dog but a smoking dog with a dagger in its mouth that fights like a spinning speedy ninja, SOLD!

  3. I'm looking to cosplay The First Strike version of Yuri in the fall, so in addition to rewatching the movie I also dusted off my copy of the game. I had forgotten how attached I initially was to this game…and I love it all over again~

    Funny fact: Raven is 35. A lot of playable characters in the Tales Of games from around the age of 27 on up tend to complain quite a bit about their age. I read in a comment once that is because that is considered old in Japanese culture…correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Last great Tales game imo. I'm running through Xillia 2 right now and it's ok but it seems like the story/characters started taking a backseat to gameplay after Graces F. Every character in Vesperia was memorable (final villain was a bit meh but dat voice) and the story was excellent. The soft shading made the world even more beautiful. Loved Vesperia

  5. this is kind of a bad review… i personally thought this game offered a lot compared to what this guy talked about. which really wasn't much.

  6. The first strike is far better, Yuri likes making trouble running into it. If there would be a remake there should be a dlc for a bonus chapter from first strike for the game and Yuri reunites with his old buddies to join the party then I'd buy the game

  7. really love this game. i think every tween who enjoys ff 13 should play this game to get an understanding as to what good story telling and character development is.
    also raven's official age according to the strategy guide is 34, which in the sort of world they've set up would certainly be getting up there, although it's probably just because he's the oldest member of the group (in human years) and is meant to be friendly teasing.

  8. I picked this up during an Xbox Live sale, with leftover money from getting Bioshock Infinite, and I'm almost done with it.

  9. The buildup to 3 minutes in is just a better-than-most structured review, then afterwards it is amazing, can't stop laughing because the points are comically dead on!! Awesome job, I would shake your hand

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