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Change gamertag xbox?


I have two accounts on xbox. One of them has xbox live membership. I would like to change my gamertag to the gamertag on account 1(the xbox silver account). Is there anyway to do this other than pay 800msp on both accounts.confused? eg. account 1= x account 2=y.I want to change y to x

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  1. Yeah you could complain but it takes many complaints on ur gamertag just be sure also not for ur account to be banned if it receives too many complaints.

  2. No. The silver account is registered to xbox live. So it’s a separate account. The gold account cannot be taken over with another active account name (name is already taken). All you can do is make the silver a gold account if you want that name.

    Even if you pay to change the names, you will get the name already taken problem. They won’t clear the old name, even if you change it.

    The complain to change name thing doesn’t work anymore. It would have to actually be against the rules now regardless of how many complaints you get. It would not help the problem anyway.

  3. ask your friends to complain about your profile name and then you may change it for free easy and you dont get banned try it.

    good luck

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