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Can I do this with my PS3?


1. Hook up an XBOX 360 remote so I can use it on my ps3 and play games.etc

2.Make PSP games play on the PS3 so it’s on the T.V screen.

Oh, and I have a PS3 Slim with 250 Gig HDD

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  1. first question, No, thats stupid, you cant use another system’s accessories on anothers.

    as for your second question, you can buy an av cable for the psp to hook it up to the big screen and play it. its about $20 at gamestop. but only Resistance Retribution allows you to hook it up to the ps3 and use the ps3 controller while playing the game on the big screen.

  2. 1. Yes you can get a converter (hardware) and that takes the xbox controller signal and converts them to ps3.

    2. Check the link.

    Wow 250 gb but I think you should upgrade hdd that way you have allot of space.

  3. i dont believe you can do any of those things on your ps3 but you might be able to do the second one but i dont own a ps3 if did own one i would have probably found that out for myself a while ago.

    Oh, and i have the original 60gig hdd console fully loaded card readers, 4 usb’s, but a Western Digital 320 gig HDD *

  4. WRONG.

    You can buy a infrared->bluetooth converter for remotes, and use an xbox360 or any generific tv remote such as Sony Bravia with the ps3.

    But as a standalone remote, you may not because ps3 only accepts bluetooth input.

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