Home Playstation Forum Can anyone tell me the PS3 ports?

Can anyone tell me the PS3 ports?


i need to do some port forwarding for my PS3. can anyone tell me the port numbers?
i need it for a game like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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  1. It depends on the games you’re trying to open ports for! I’ll give you a link to a website that should help you!

    Most game manufacturer’s will list ports that you may need to open on their support section of their website! Check the website support section of the game you need to open ports for!

    NOTE: You can only open or forward ports if you use a router!

  2. It depends. normally, its automatic for most, but some, like Metal Gear Online have a specific port, and there’s a semi-complex way to fix it. And it requires you entering in your IP Address in the Address Bar on Internet Searches. It’ll take you to the site that handles your Wired/Wireless Modem/Router and from there you can tweak things. I did so for MGO using that method

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