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Xbox 360 wont recognize burned cd’s?


Im trying to download songs off of my burned cd so i can play the songs for the entrance themes on my smackdown vs raw 2010.

But it wont recognize the cd.

I only had 1 cd-r to burn and now it wont read it on xbox 360.

I do have DVD RW can i burn songs on to that and upload to xbox.

If i have to go out and get more cds what can i do to gurantee me that it will work on xbox 360 and rip to the harddrive so i can use it for my game.


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  1. this worked for me, get an erasable cd-rw and burn the

    songs on the slowest speed, that got my songs ripped

    on the hard drive, best thing is you can erase it and

    do it over again. Also modding is good to and the latest

    mods won’t get you banned from xbox live, 4 dollars

    a game is better than 60.

  2. Microsoft is mean and have made it to where you can not read burned disk’s on your 360 , you can always mod your xbox but it will not be worth the xbox ban

  3. You have to burn the CD as an Audio CD not as an MP3 CD.

    Xbox well only read the CD if it thinks its an Audio CD. There is a difference.

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