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Xbox 360 vs playstation 3?


I know everyone is sick of these questions, but i can only buy one, so which should it be.

Most my friends have xbox, only 2 friends have ps3 and one of my close friends that lives 3 hours away has a xbox. Xbox 1

Aparrently ps3 has more exclusives. Ps3 1

My brother has a xbox (never lets me play) so if i get one we have to share games which will get annoyin. Ps3 2

i use to share xbox with my bro (i got a wii and let him have xbox, BIG mistake) and i loved gears of war and halo alot. Xbox 2

Xbox live isnt free. Ps3 3

Xbox has better online + friend system. Xbox 3

Xbox has better multiplayer games (as ive heard) and id prefer multiplayer over single player. Xbox 4

Ive heard uncharted,killzone,resistance games are good. Ps3 4

So 4 all, what do you think i should get?

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  1. Definitely go with playstation 3. I’ve had both for over three years now. The xbox went out on me about a year ago and I’ve had it repaired twice after that now. And actually xbox is easier to hack and mod. I have a modded xbox so security the xbox is easier to tap. Anyway playstation graphics are way better too. You get better game play in my personal opinion if you line them up side by side. As fast as user friendly they’re about the same. I say playstation because it’s free for online gameplay. People say xbox live is better but it’s not like they’re giving you free kool aid or free games or something outstanding like that. They’re about the same. Just playstation is free.

    Pros. Ps3 has way better graphics, blu ray, longer lasting, built in web browser, free online

    Pros for xbox. Only one I can think of is halo and that’s not that great to be honest unless ur a fan of it.

  2. i own both so my opinion wont really be as biased but here it is

    XBOX 360


    more geared towards online gameplay

    more security against modding

    comes with a headset so just about everyone online has a headset

    can change gamertag


    RROD(red ring of death)

    have to buy memberships

    have to buy a wireless connector if not using wired

    no blu ray



    more geared towards home entertainment

    blu-ray player

    built in wifi

    internet browser

    free memberships for online


    less modding security

    cant change PSN

    doesnt come with a headset

    online connections arent as good as they could be

    mic quality is not the best in my opinion

    Personally i like the xbox 360 better my ps3 is in my room and more for watching netflix when im bored. xbox 360 is what i do all my gaming on with my friends and it seems to work out better for me. id advise the xbox if your looking to game more then watch movies and such.

  3. Xbox360

    because it has more incentives to run beter faster and having a deadecaded team to look after the online every day. Because you pay 60 a year.so if its not running the best it can there going to lose custimers also xbox has a wide varidey of things right on the dash board like espn, and netflix with netflix it downloads on to the xbox unlike the ps3 where if you want to watch netflix you have to put in a seperate disk. also xbox live is more sociable so you always have people to talk to. Also the xbox has 3 or 4 processors in it so you can be in a party chat listen to music and play games all at the same time on the xbox you can chose to install a game and if you do the good thing is is that if the game gets scratched the xbox can still play it

    Playstation 3

    on a playstaton 3 you have internet and free online play but it internet is slow, and the online sucks its laggy and no one has mics the playstation only has 1 slow processors in it you cant chat with people while playing a game you have to exit the game and if you want to respond to a message it takes for ever to bring it up and if you want to listen to music you cant be playing a game or be in a chat. One of the worse parts about it is that you have to install every game you want to play and its 1+ gb per game so if ur excited to play a game when you get home youll have to wait. Also on the playstation store if you want to purches something from the store with a psn card you bought form the store you pay tax at the store and when you buy something so you pay tax twice for one thing

    and when you install a game on the playstation if it gets scratched your screwed the playstation wont read it and since its using blue ray disks they cant be fixed and the blue ray disk trays are more likely to bread

    In th past there has been issues with the xbox and the read ring of death but in the newer models they fixed because it was causting them more money. the playstation on the other had has the yellow light of death which has never and will never be fixed my cousin went through 2 playstations but never had to replace his xbox

    btw ive owned both a xbox and a playstation my first xbox i got used and it lasted me 2 years so when it broke i got mad and got a playstation 6 months later i sold it for a new xbox but the life of a playstation is so boring ive owned and xbox for a total of 4 years and a ps3 of a total of 6 months

    One more thing every thing is cheaper on a xbox like a head set and a keypad for a controler all to gether is 30 a head set for the ps3 is 50 and so is a keyboard also the blue ray isnt even that good and kinect is so much fun no controlers=no accidence. the internet on a ps3 is slow and a wast of time and you can have 7 controlers to one ps3 it even has on the controler player 1 2 3 and 4 also the kinect acts as a camera to

  4. The xbox 360. Free doesn’t doesn’t mean it’s better. I pay for the entire year at once, when you think about it it’s like $4 or $5 a month. If your not planning on playing online or social gaming a lot then maybe don’t buy the service. I switched to PS when sega went south forever.once I went to xbox I was even more amazed with their product. Seems most of your friends have the xbox also.

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