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Xbox 360 RROD at weird times?


If my systems moves it red rings if i plug a usb into it it red rings as well and sometimes i have to turn my system on twice to get it running anybody else have this problem its only a few months old it always fixes itself after i turn it back on but its just kind of gets annoying after a while ( Thanks 4 serious answers)

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  1. i dunno

    usually early signs of the red ring of death meen your xbox will crash in the future. it should be a matter of time, maybe a month more if u play alought

    they replace ur 360 free tho. it takes a while to get back but u like get like sumtimes a brand new 360 and a free xbox live card for xbox live for like another month or 2 for free

    ive already gone through 2 360s and they had similar signs

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