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xbox 350 Pro or Elite?


I plan on getting an xbox 360 and hooking it up through HDMI to my TV.

When I looked at the prices of the xbox’s, I found the GOTY bundle. It includes Halo 3 and the HDMI cable. If i were to get the Pro, I would have to buy each of them separately. After going through the prices, the Pro would end up costing roughly $30 more than the Elite bundle. Plus, the Elite has the 120 GB HD, which would be nice but I don’t think I will max it out anytime soon.

So I thought I would get the Elite, but when I looked at the boxes, it turns out they’re the old Falcon chipsets just re-sold. The Pro, however, is the Jasper. So, my question is: Would it be better for me to spend a little bit more cash and buy the Pro? How much better is the Jasper than the Falcon?

I probably wont be too much of a hardcore gamer on it. I will probably play it for 6-8 hours a day (not straight) during the summer, and about half of that during school.

Also, my last question is: Does it make a difference if the xbox is horizontal or vertical? What one is better? Why? ect.

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  1. The only reason why your additional details comment would be true is because it has more storage on the harddrive.I would suggest just getting the pro.the 120 gb harddrive is A LOT of memory and only some of the most intense gamers.(not like the ones who would ask this question) in otherwords you not an intense game, would need that much of a harddrive capacity.the other chick is wrong.the pros now come with a 60gb harddrive which is usually plenty

    DO NOT HAVE YOUR XBOX VERTICAl understood?.its scratches dics easily and make it prone to folling over and scratching your discs further.

    anyways if you download a shitload.it would still be cheaper to get a pro, sell your 60gb harddrive and buy a 120 used or new.either way it would much cheaper and the same quality

  2. No Elites. U need a Jasper for a lower RROD%, so go Pro. If u want an Elite with Jasper, get the Resident Evil 5 bundle.

    The 360 is best laid horizontally because discs are more likely to scratch while the 360 is vertical. Plus, it’s likely to tip over when vertical.

  3. If you can afford the elite then go for it. 360 work better horizontal it tend to scratch the games vertical

  4. Just get the pro if u looking for entertainment,some music,downloads,playin lots of games or get the elite if ur lookin to download a whole lot of * and for ur other question yes it does make a difference if the 360 is vertical it could scratch the disc, horizontal is wayy better

  5. I would personally go for the elite, definitely if you can afford it. The extra storage on hard drive really pays off. It is true that you will not max it, but getting the Pro with around 20 gb, you will max it. So its better to have extra space. Also, The Elite comes with HDMI cable, which is about 60 dollars in the store. Halo 3 is an awesome game, and almost every 360 gamer wants/has it. This game is 50 dollars also. In my opinion, The elite is more cool looking because of the black color. As far as the falcon and jasper I cant help you with that. Hope I helped.

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