Home Xbox Forum What does dazzle do? Does it record xbox game play?

What does dazzle do? Does it record xbox game play?


I want to record my xbox 360 live game play does it do that? If not, what do I need to get?

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  1. are you looking to start making videos like this

    www dot newelectronx dot com/help.php?faq_id=214

    In that case the dazzle will do it for you. The video recorded quality will not be as good. Some regard the dazzle as being easy to use, while others think it is quirky. An important thing to be aware of is that dazzle is a cheap product so it does not include all of the necessary wires/cables that you will need to start recording right out the box.

    Here is an example of the cables that you will need to purchase for your gameplay. In the video you will see component and composite cables. When you get the dazzle pick up some of those. Keep in mind the video does not show a dazzle unit. It shows a better capturing device in my opinion (the tristar mx hd pvr)

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    when you get the dazzle, make sure your computer has enough RAM and a fast processor. I would recommend a dual processor because the dazzle hogs up frame rate. turn off unnecessary programs while you record.

    if you are new to this stuff then i would recommend that you read a bit more about it. it can be fun recording, but hopeless if you get the wrong product. this link should help you catch up on recording. it describes allot of things about dazzle and capturing for xbox 360 that i cannot write because the limit on yahoo.

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  2. You need a capture card for xbox 360

    a computer

    an xbox

    a game

    It doesnt record without a capture card

    (except black ops with theater mode)

  3. Yes dazzle will capture(record) video from your xbox to your computer. If you do buy a dazzle make sure you get all the necessary video and audio cables as the dazzle capture card does not come with all of them.

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