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problems with my ps3?


Ps3 problem.?

when i insert gta 4 and the click the gta 4 under the games option.it says that you cant play the game at the current video output setting plz help me.i have a 40gb ps3 and 2.1 firmware and my tv is not that good

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  1. First of all there’s no problem in your console so don’t panic 🙂

    you need to adjust your PS3 video settings to (Automatic) so that it tries to figure it out.

    If not try to adjust the resolution of your display which I think may be the problem.

    Finally if you fail then you may need to save some money to get a better TV preferably HDTV.

    Hope this helps you 🙂

  2. its your tv , its to bad , means you need a better one , check the min requirements for it lol

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