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Need urgent help with my PS3?


Whenever I turn my PS3 on it says “the file system on the system storage is corrupted and will be restoed”. I then press OK which is the only thing I can press. It then has a loading screen with “restoring. do not turn off the system.” (I can’t turn it off via the button anyway because when I do it makes a triple beep). It then stops at 51% and goes to a black screen, and again I can not turn my PS3 off via the button, but it doesn’t beep this time. So again I have to switch off my PS3 via the mains and then the process is repeated. When I took out the two leads on the right hand side of the box of the PS3 and put them back in again, it got to 100% but again went to a black screen.

Please help.

I’ll be glad to give you more info.

P.S I tried to go into safe mode before but when I try to restore it, it takes so long that I don’t think it’s working.

P.S.S Is the optical meant to be red when the PS3 is turned on? (You probably guess I don’t know too much about PS3’s, sorry).

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  1. the red light for optical is supposed to be on

    what ever you * do don’t unplug the power while its doing the restoration thing follow these instructions

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  2. if you turned off the ps3 even once while it was restoring it may have ruined your hard drive , making it too badly corrupted now to fix by a restoration ,and you’d need to buy a new hard drive and install it.

    when a ps3 restores it will turn off when it completes , red light is on meaning its in standby mode , so maybe it restored but you just need to reset the console? pres and hold the power button for 10 seconds or until it turns on then off again. then turn it on and if it worked you can setup your ps3 for use , otherwise I think you need a new hard drive.

    NEVER ever unplug or turn off a ps3 if it is saving , loading , installing or restoring , that damages it 99% of the time and ruins the hdd or worse.

    your ps3 might go to a black screen while its restoring , that’s normal , you have to be patient and wait for it to complete , it can take several hours to restore ( up to 12 ) so if it does get working and you see that message again just wait and let it finish restoring.

    a ps3 is a computer and must be used like a computer , it has precise usage procedures , especially shutdown and reset.

  3. The LED should be green, not red. Call Sony for support @ 1-800-345-7669. You will likely need to go to safe mode and do a full system restore (this can take a few hours). Its possible your HDD has bad sectors on it which is causing the restore to fail.

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