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Minecraft for Xbox 360? Should i get it?


I have been wanting to play minecraft for a while after all the good reviews it was getting, but it broke my heart that my laptop didnt support it, and i do not own a pc. I have been waiting like forever for it to come out on the 360, but i keep seeing people in comments saying that its a rip off and the world id much smaller than the PC. I figure that Microsoft will later make updates and patches to expand the world and make it up to date with the PC version. But i still dont know if i should buy it. What should i do?

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  1. Well it is updated to the one on computer almost. I think the game is really fun in single player but if you get bored with that you can just do multiplayer. (Sometimes you can sometimes destroy other people’s buildings =D.)

  2. Right now, the XBLA version of Minecraft is based on version 1.6 Beta. but Mojang & the XBLA dev group will be trying to get it up to the current version (1.2.5 / 1.3). HOWEVER, I’m uncertain how long that will wait.

    As for the local multiplayer support, current news (according to Kotaku) is that you need to be using an HDMI cable with your 360 to utilize it (this may be changed as well). (See [url is not allowed]. for details)

    If you really want the game, you’re going to buy eventually. However, you might be safe waiting a couple of days (or a week or two) for some of the dust to settle.

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