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Is 60GB enough on an Xbox 360?


Hey guys. Well Im sure a lot of people have heard of the 360 price drops. And well I was thinking maybe to get the regular 360 since its 50 dollars less now. But its only 60GB. Im not a “hardcore” gamer but I do play games every once in a while. I do listen to music a lot. But my music library is only a little more than 5GB and well knowing myself its probably only gonna get up to 15GB maximum. I watch an occasional DVD and really thats about it. So do you think a regular 360 is fine for me or should I might as well get an Elite? Im pretty sure I answered my own question(I know im retarted) but I was just wondering what you guys thought or if any of you are like me.

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  1. 60gb is definitally good. Just think about it. people that listen to music a lot may only have the 8gb or 16gb.

    Anyway, there have been three gbs for the 360.

    20, 60, and 120.

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