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I have a new game for my xbox and I dont know how to get it!?


So my xbox came with halo reach and u need to enter a code in order to play it! hOW DO i DO IT?

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  1. 1. press the x button on your controller

    2. go to the left or right (i forgot what catergory) untill you find one that has the option redeem

    3. type in the code

    4. it will say download started

    5. wait for download to finish

    6. relax and enjoy

  2. it should have come with a 3 month code also. Make an profile on the xbox, and make it an xbox live profile (You need to be connected to internet, wifi or ethernet cable will do) then hit the menu button in the middle of the controller once youre signed into xbox live, and go as far to the left on the menu as you can, click on redeem code.

    Note than you can only play the game when signed into xbox live with an internet connection

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