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dead rising xbox 360 questions?


if anyone has the time to answer my question on how the saving system works for dead rising. i got about an hour into and died, saved not too long before that but had to start the game over. i just wanna know what exactly did i save if anything? thanks

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  1. go to the hiding area(base),top roof (where u started) u can rest theres or save.(the couch)

    u can go to toilets to save too.

  2. The saving system in dead rising is very silly. You can only save one in game and that’s all you get to re-use so if you make a mistake and save over it then you can’t reload a previous. Silly. I managed to get all the achievements but 1 with that save system. You might have saved your players status and level and restarted. Other than that I’m not sure what you did. Hope you resolve it. Good Luck

  3. Ok, I understand what you are saying.

    This is what happened.

    You played the game for (let’s just say 45 minutes) then about 15 minutes later you died.

    When the game asked you what you wanted to do you had 3 choices.

    Restart (or similar wording,sorry I haven’t memorized it.lol)

    Load saved game (this is what you wanted to start from your

    45 minute save point)

    Exit (End the game) but this means that you restart the game

    however you KEEP your experience and achievements)

    I typically use the load,but if I want to stop playing for the day,then I will exit. Then I will go back in the next day and pick load saved game to start again from my last save in the bathroom.

    You might want to Restart if you’re going to try and save as many survivors as you can in a single game and you lost a few while playing.

    Best thing you can do is to memorize where the bathrooms are. I could tell you if you want,but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

    Enjoy the mayhem.

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