Home Xbox Forum can you buy a modded 360 controller?

can you buy a modded 360 controller?


for your xbox

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  1. Yep, look on ebay, amazon, classifieds there are a bunch of places you can find one, although if you want a cheap alternative to an auto fire, just buy a madcatz controller they usually have the autofire function, either way

    there is a website you can get it for free although takes a little bit of time but you can do ads, play games – buy stuff off amazon which basically means free xbox live, ms points, games, hardware etc.

    [url is not allowed].


  2. Yes you can. I have a friend who does it he charges about $20 for it. (i got mine for free though)

    If you want to do it yourself you can look it up on google or something and my friend tells me that the stuff needed can be bought a radioshack for a very cheap price.

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